02 November 2012

MME-Sunda Shelf Archaeology Project

Sunda Shelf Archaeology Project

A selection of video interviews that talks about the project, how it started, what they are searching for, who are the Maritime Mysteries Explorers and what do they hope to achieve.

01 November 2012

Finding the Wreck

The Viscount Melbourne


MaritimeMysteries is a channel on YouTube that covers the work of the Maritime Mysteries Explorers.  The featured video is a sizzle reel and there is also playlists that highlights the work being done on the Viscount Melbourne and the Sunda Shelf Archaeology Project in a series of interviews. The videos posted on MaritimeMysteries channel will become part of a documentary series developed by the Berekoven's, Eric Madeja of Treasure Images Sdn Bhd and Clifford Terry.  More information is available on their blog, http://berekoven54.blogspot.com.au/.  Inquiries can be directed to editor@treasure-images.com , berekoven54@gmail.com, or cwterry5@gmail.com
Husband and wife team, Hans and Roze Berekoven are the Maritime Mysteries Explorers.  They are self-taught marine archaeologists and researchers.
Sunda Shelf Archaeology Project is dedicated to the search for evidence of a possible Ice-age civilisation in the waters over the Sunda Shelf in Southeast Asia at a time when that area was dry land.  This theory has gained prominence among a number of scholars such as Dr. Stephen Oppenheimer and the late Professor Ayrsio Santos, both who have written books on the subject.  In his book, Oppenheimer calls the region Sundaland and believes it is the cradle of a lost 'founder' civilisation from which all post Ice-age Asian civilisations came from.  
One of their most significant discoveries was finding the wreck of the British cargo vessel the Viscount Melbourne.  The Berekoven's narrowed down a possible site of the wreck just off a reef in the South Luconia Shoals area of the South China Sea after researching various accounts of the ship's journey from Singapore.  This lead them to conduct a survey of this area which eventually yielded evidence of the wreck and the discovery of the final resting place of the HMS Viscount Melbourne.