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I have held a variety of positions in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years from marketing and distribution to various positions in production. In this last decade, I have emigrated from the US to Australia and have worked on documentaries, feature films, and corporate films mainly for NGO's.

Currently working at the State Library and Archive Service in Tasmania, while in my spare time I am a member of the Maritime Mysteries Explorers with marine Archaeologists and explorers, Hans and Roze Berekoven.  Some our work includes the discovery of the HMS Viscount Melbourne as well as  other vessels in the South China Sea and our search for an Ice-Aged civilization on the Sunda Self in Southeast Asia. Worked on a number of projects with Geonewmedia in collaboration with the Western Australian Marine Science Institution. We are making a film about a photographer combining his artistic approach to nature with a group of scientists studying a remote region of the Kimberly Coast of northwestern Australia. We are also producing two additional films and a DVD highlighting the work being conducted by WAMSI in the 5 years of its existence. Previously, worked on a film with Geonewmedia as a post-production adviser on a marine science film for the Western Australia Marine Science Institute (WAMSI) on the Kimberley in Northwest Australia. Worked with the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre to help them a film on Taoism in Northern Laos, which is part of a permanent exhibit. Recently worked as a group leader with Intrepid Indochina, taking groups on tours through Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. Before that I worked with an NGO in Sri Lanka, ASB (Arbeiter-Samarita- Bund), as the communications adviser, to bring to the attention of their membership and supporters the work that they are doing in Asia. In addition, I also served as a technical adviser on the Kalabala Bindu Garden, a children’s project in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. Recently completed a film on one of their economic and development projects in the tsunami affected south of Sri Lanka. In my spare time I am developing projects focusing on Southeast Asia as well as Australia, including a series on the history and development of Southeast Asia. Some recent projects I have been working on comprise an ethnographic documentary in Sydney’s Redfern district; an Odd Jobs segment with QPIX about a disabled sail-maker; Creating an Urban Wildspace, a short film on a constructed wetland in Sydney.  A consummate traveler, my other recent achievements include writing, directing and producing the historical and cultural documentary on Sri Lanka, "A Traveler's Tale: the Search for the Ancient Nagas"; an environmental documentary on the Maldives; and a short visual collage on the seasonal migration of the Aboriginal tribes in the northeast corner of Victoria, Australia which was inspired by the painting "Bogong Moth Dreaming" by Aboriginal elder, Eddie Kneebone.

Concept development, writing, production management, post-production supervision, directing and research.