Reflections on South East Asia

South East Asia comprises of one of the most densely collected varieties of culture, history, religion and art to be found anywhere in the world. The Pacific Rim has long been an area of shifting politics, of colonial imperialism, military unrest, and of fierce national pride. It juxtaposes the ancient and modern. Where artifacts invoking the era of the mythological Nagas sit comfortably alongside the most blatant examples of westernization. Where warring people have jostled for land and resources for thousands of years. And where three major religions collide. It is a melding pot teeming with variety, conflict, harmony, history and a culture that can be mistaken with none other the world over. 
“...South East Asians have been extremely adept at absorbing, manipulating and adapting external cultures and technologies to maintain their own cultural autonomy and distinctiveness.” excerpt from A Traveller’s History of South East Asia by JM Barwise & NJ White