16 July 2015

This Viral Video Is the Anti-Austerity Poem You

This Viral Video Is the Anti-Austerity Poem You

This brilliant spoken word poem highlight the causes and conditions of the disenfranchised 99% of the world and how it has created our current global economic crisis.

29 March 2014

MaritimeMysteries - Sundaland Blog

MaritimeMysteries - Sundaland Blog:

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The Maritime Mysteries Explorers are back in action and heading to Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia in Borneo.  They will be returning to their vessel, the Southern Sun and will be soon heading off for new expeditions in the South China Sea.  You can keep abreast of their exploits by checking this blog, Facebook page, Twitter and Google + page.

06 December 2013

MME visit Megalithic Site Gunung Padang Java Indonesia H264

The Maritime Mysteries Explorers made a trip to the megalithic site of Gunung Padang in Indonesia recently. There have been a number of stories about the age of this site and the possibility of this being a man-made constructed step pyramid. This was also an opportunity for them to reconnect with their Indonesian colleagues. They were joined on the trip by Dicky Zainal Arifin and Ahmad Samantho, both of whom are consultants to the Presidential Task Force, who are investigating this site and other phenomena related to the ancient Sunda civilization. The entourage included students from Ahmad Samantho's Bat al-Hikmah Institute and members of his Atlantis-Indonesia Organization.