17 August 2012

Sundaland shoot day 1

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I have arrived in Kota Kinabalu and met up with Eric of Treasure Images.  After a brief excursion of the local market and some breakfast, we spent most of the day organising the equipment and packing it up for the shoot in Miri and out on the water.  On the way back to Eric's we stop at a friend of his, Gary, who is a bit of a fix-it guy, for a ratcheted arm for one of the Go-Pro's.  The afternoon was spent charging batteries and checking out the equipment.  We also had sometime to strategize and plan some of the shots we will need to get for this sizzle reel and trailer.  I don't problems with the shots will we are in the marina but once we are out on the boat and sailing to the location is another story.  Shooting on the boat can at times be problematic and getting clean audio is difficult but we have both been through this before and I am sure we will work it out.  I am looking forward to finally meeting the Berekoven's and the start of this new adventure.