10 September 2012

Mystery Maritime Explorers, Miri-Day 3

When morning arrived, things had settled down and we made our way back into the marina.  A few of the neighbours help us tie up back in the berth and we all settle down for some breakfast and to rearrange our plans.  Since we needed to wait again until the afternoon before heading out again (this is so we arrive at the reef in the early morning), we decided it was a good opportunity to film Roze's interview in the artefacts room in the flat.  From Roze we learned how they came to find the wreak of the Viscount Melbourne, a detail account from the assistant ship's navigator of what happen after the ship struck the reef and the work she is doing to preserve the artefacts that they have brought up from the ship.  After the interview, Eric and I continued to film all the artefacts that were on display and met up with the rest of the crew back on the Southern Sun.  Fortunately, our second departure out to the Luconia Shoals was without problems and we had a smooth sail through the night.