02 September 2012

Southern Sun Archaeology

(title unknown):

We the Berekoven Family, set sail from Australia in 2005 on a quest to discover evidence of an Ice-aged civilisation on the Sunda Shelf right here in Southeast Asia.  

We set sail from Fremantle on the west coast of Australia to Indonesia to seek permissions from the Indonesian Government to do a Sonar Survey of the Sunda Shelf because we believed that we would find this evidence somewhere in the Java Sea. With the help of our Australian Government we received those permissions but with too many restrictions for us to proceed. However we are now not alone in believing that the Sunda Shelf was once dry land and that there was not only inhabitants, but an intelligent and quite advanced civilization. So basically we believe that History is not what we know it to be today and are keen to prove this belief.
After realizing that we could not accept the demands attached to the permissions we sailed into Borneo where we have been well supported by the community here in Miri Sarawak. The local dive community has benefited from our sonar with us finding modern wrecks for them to dive on. Also as a result of our survey and a bit of research we have come across a historic find with a captivating story the HMS Viscount Melbourne of which will unfold in our blog